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I like my tattly tattoo.
I like poladroid.
And I secretly like Mr. George too.












We spent the other half of our holiday in the Côte d'Azur. We visited little towns in the hills like Grimaud and Ramatuelle... Which were my favorites. Very low key and calm and just so gorgeous. A big difference compared to the busy Saint Tropez (which was also fun!).












Some randoms from Forcalquier. Spent some time in a summer house with a pool that had a beautiful view over the valley. Evenings were spent outside sipping rosé and listening to the crickets and the neighbour practicing the saxaphone.









What we ate in the South of France:
Bubbly rosé, comté cheese, french bread, artichoke stuffed olives and Tyrrells crisps.
Goat cheese salad with lentils and walnuts and a platter of cheese for dessert.
French bread, homemade hummus, olives and crisps.
Quiche dressed up with some quail eggs, salad and french bread.
Peach and chickpea salad and a platter of cheese for dessert.
French onion tart with fresh goat cheese.


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