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I so want a cruiser bike. Like one of these. We rented some bikes and cruised by the seaside. Venice (beach) - Santa Monica - Malibu. That was soooo nice. We started early in the morning when the beaches were still relatively empty, by the end of the day it was packed.



This is one of the coolest places I've ever been. On our road trip we passed by Palm Springs and went to the Ace Hotel. We had breakfast and dinner there. For breakfast I had ricotta pancakes with banana and a butter made with nuts. It was simply delicious. Afterwards we had fun with the photo booth there. Giggles and laughs included.



I just got back from a 4day roadtrip to LA. Sunny weather, cruisin' by the beach on vintage bikes, great food, lovely driftwood, glamorous Hollywood, etc. More pictures coming up.



Happy spring. Springtime is definitely here... Plants are coming alive and flowers are starting to bloom. I am sitting outside now, it is 10.06 AM and 70°F (about 20°C). Gorgeous weather. My morning ritual is tea/breakfast/laptop/reading.

Currently I am reading 2 books. Eat, pray, love and the secret garden. I've been in a reading mood here... I am in love with both books. I love the way eat, pray, love is written and I love how the secret garden is so cute and sweet and adventurous. I have a hard time putting these books down once I start reading.

I worked out with a trainer for the first time. Pure pain I tell you. I have been waddling around the house since friday.



I miss my Mr. George. He's such a lovely cuddly thing. I love taking care of him, even (very) early in the morning when he needs to be let out... Not always with as much joy then... But now I would do anything to take an early walk with him (in my pj's). And then make some tea and read a book in the couch with Mr. George lying by my feet.

Btw. Happy St. Patrick's day!



This little guy is my brother. We had a mustache/silly glasses photo shoot yesterday. When I told him "let's make mustaches" he started drawing a mustache on him with a pink marker... That's not exactly what I had in mind... But oh well, it was funny.



Can't go to the Grand Canyon and not take pictures. I took about 50 pictures there... and they all look the same. The Grand Canyon is just a big hole, so you can't get a whole lot of interesting pictures of it. Even though I've seen the Grand Canyon before, it's still a wow affect! You walk past the trees and past some buildings and then there it is... "woooooow". It is very impressive.

This made my day. (I have her as screensaver now.)

I'm loving this song.

And I'll be watching this movie tonight.

Happy monday!



Back from our road trip. Grand Canyon and snowboarding in Flagstaff.

The last time I went snowboarding was 3 years ago... So I was a bit worried that it wouldn't go too well, but it went fine (I totally rocked the slopes!). It's amazing how quick you pick it up. And wow, what an adrenaline kick you get out of it... I forgot how much I enjoy it. There was this gorgeous slope called "the bull" which was sooo nice, you could really get some speed on that one.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Something made and something new.

The scarf is actually my second knitting project ever. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. It's nice and warm and very practical. AND it's black, so I can wear it with everything (and so I do). I can't wait to make more scarves like this one. I need some more colors.

Remember to smile. (Lovely video with Audrey Tautou.)



New blog. New layout. New start.

I love road trips. The snacks, the music, the interesting conversations, the gorgeous views and the endless roads. Next road trip shall be to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is apparently gorgeous this time of year, with snow here and there.

Be back soon, with pictures.

(Old blog.)


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