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Back from Stockholm. It is now 04.53 AM. I can't sleep... Which is quite funny because during the past 5/6 days in Stockholm we were in bed by 10.00 PM every night. We were exhausted after all the walking and sightseeing. And seriously... We walked A LOT! Which was so worth it though... In my opinion, the only way to really get to know a city is by walking and walking and walking. And so we did, every single day. I liked (loved!) Stockholm, but I'm not sure if I would return again in the summer (tourist overload).

Some things I loved: Hermans (lovely veg. restaurant with gorgeous view over Stockholm), Ahlsvik (beautiful island, 2 hours by boat from Stockholm), Fotografiska (photography museum, Annie Leibovitz exhibition), the men's "fashion" hairstyle (curly thing going on, kind of like THIS), the interesting city hall, my new lovely moheda sandals!

More random pictures from Stockholm soon! (None of these are from Stockholm though... all taken on the island (Ahlsvik)!)


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